Our Work

School With a Difference
"Sarv Siksha"

Our vision is to educate every child in a remote village through our advanced village schools with hands on learning curriculum that incorporates both life and work skills. Sowing seeds is as important as knowing ABC, and learning first aid is as important as knowing 2+2.

We think that school is not just a four-walled structure but that which encourages going out of the box. We proudly take up challenges towards creating a class of humanitarians equipped with extensive knowledge and a bright future.

Women Empowerment
"Stree Udayam"

Our vision is to create a self-regulating and self- sustaining eco system for rural women through our economic, environmental and digitization programs.

To accelerate the revolutionary growth of rural women and their communities, we aim to provide equal educational-cum-livelihood opportunities, environmental mindfulness, financial stability, socio-economic awareness, digital skilling programs, and decision-making opportunities irrespective of caste through our self-help groups and relevant initiatives.

Natural Farming

Our goal is to mobilize farmers at all levels and educate them through our programs on nutrient management, diverse crop production, soil, and water conservation, method of chemical-free agriculture drawing from traditional Indian practices, vermicomposting plans, etc in order to boost farmer’s incomes and improve their agriculture-based livelihoods.

Not only would we stimulate them to grow products naturally, but we would also encourage them to have profitable sales based on economic policies.

civic responsibility

Counselors are mental health experts who may provide essential insight into your child's social, emotional, and mental health development. It's crucial to remember that "glitches" in these areas aren't always obvious to those closest to the child. Child counselors can help with this.

Payal Sareen, RIDS NGO treasurer, led a class on "Behavioral and Emotional Development" In Delhi Public School where 198 students took part.