Murgesh and Family

Murgesh is a 14-year-old boy from a daily wage household whose father is heavily intoxicated and unable to maintain his family. Our charity pays for both sister and brother’s education, and Mother works as a teaching assistant and on farms to supplement their income.


Shantaamma, a homemaker, and her husband work for a living on a daily salary. They are unable to fund their children’s education and family requirements due to a lack of money. She is now a working mother who contributes to the education of her children and family.


Thanks to RIDS Primary School, we’ve witnessed a significant change in the child’s conduct and learning skills; after finishing his primary schooling at RIDS, he’s gained a strong command of his speech and writing skills, and as a consequence, he was accepted into an international school.


He was a quiet kid who couldn’t communicate with other children. He began to overcome all of these obstacles after attending our school and now he excels in sports and academics brilliantly.


She was a sluggish learner who couldn’t keep up with her classmates. After starting school, she quickly caught up and earned 99% in all of her courses.