Spreading joy since 2016
RIDS NGO has been building a network of communities in rural India since 2016, distributing material as a tool to solve critical gaps in rural education, livelihood and rehabilitation, and disaster relief.

Registration Number IV 83/16-17 Dated 01-June-2016

2016 -2017
Organized Training & Built School
  • 200 women were trained for self-employment
  • Built a school at the Taluk level
  • Held 25  educational awareness camps in the 50 villages that surround them
  • River-March Rally
  • Admission of 50 kids
  • Villagers were educated on the topics revolving water conservation and education
Training for Women & Vaccination Drive
  • Trained another set of 250 women for livelihood
  • Supported education for 80 students
  • Received extension approval to grade 5th
  • RIDS associated with MHR Foundation initiated the project to train 200 farmers on Shri. Subhash Palekar ji's zero budget natural farming methods.
  • RIDS along with Biovet team are worked towards to support cattle health, regime of vaccination feeding, calf rearing, sheep & goat farming
  • 300 sheep and 100 cows were given free vaccination and trained farmers on cattle health care.
Civic Activities, Covid Precautions and Educational Camps
  • Water harvesting project
  • Educating villagers on COVID-19 impact & precautions
  • Zero-Based natural farming worshop
  • Behavioral and emotional development workshop
  • Fine motor skills workshop for kids
  • Eco -brick making workshops for villagers during Self Sustainability Camps
  • 2 Day educational camp in kachi basti in Udaipur
  • Teen talks workshop
  • 2 day education camp at kachi basti in udaipur
  • Natural farming workshops
  • "Donate a book" campaign